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360 Krav Maga

Welcome to 360 Krav Maga, home to the most effective self-defense system in Long Beach. We're committed to sharing with everyday men and women the best way to stay safe in the face of danger. Join us today for an effective total-body workout and a cutting-edge approach to real-world training. Our classes are perfect for experienced fighters and complete beginners alike. At 360 Krav Maga, we are also proud to work with children of all ages, teaching students self-confidence and discipline in our Kids Martial Arts program. Get started now by simply filling out the short form on your screen. We can't wait to show you the difference our system can have on your everyday life.

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Started Krav Maga in April and just fell in love, great instructors the environment is nice. Everyone is here to learn self defense no one is rude, has a family feel. The gym is modern, bathrooms are clean and kept that way. It is a large gym with 2 mats, a boxing ring, and an area to lift weights. Krav Maga has helped me out in some situations, the instructors keep to our pace, and learning the moves is easy to remember.

Matt Davilla

Awesome environment with excellent instruction.

I have come to call this place home. I would never think about going anywhere else!!!

Jon Monteleone

Just had the free introductory clasa.Loved it. Ended the class wanting more. The pricing is great if I was interested in the rest of the forms offered. My 45 minute bicycle commute each way from Paramount warmed me up. I would definitely sign up with longer krav maga class and closer to home. For anyone nearby I highly recommended. John was a great trainer.

Cesar Vazquez

I would recommend this facility if you want to get into the best shape of your life and to be able to take care of business if someone ever bully's you or a loved one. The teachers are first class also.

Jeffrey Denton

Just want to let everyone know how great this school is actually is base on the base fundamentals of training of martial arts-self defense. With multiple areas of disciplines. Muay Thai. jujitsu. Boxing. Crossfit. But most of all Krav Maga. With different training scenarios. From learning the basic fundamentals of punching blocking. Knife fighting. Weapons. Multiple attackers. Active shooter scenarios. Rape prevention tactics especially law enforcement training. Kid training for anti bullying seminars. All women seminars. All these factors come from constant training from the chief instructor down to the rest of different instructors that bring a different skill set to this venue. Now that this academy has incorporated yoga as well. This is one of your best one shop academy that provides team work leadership unity. But most of all the most important factor which stands out from other self defense academics. Is the actual technical training which constantly going through each class. It's all about corrections. Repetitions of movements foot work. Especially conditioning of your body to with stand any form of attack you may encounter. Love this academy. I stand by the standards this academy has established for over the past 10 year. Thank you. Hiram Figueroa USMC-Force-ReCon Sgt 77-91

Hiram Figueroa

I really do enjoy this facility with excellent instructors and staff, nice gym look and with the best martial art styles being trained here such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Krav Maga and including fitness. I'm a transfer from another martial arts facility as I've find this one teaches and focus more on realistic mind-set of martial arts of fight and survival as priority.

Clark Stinson

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